You’ll never go hungry when you visit CaliBunga Waterpark!

The waterpark is home to a fantastic selection of kid-friendly dining options. Browse all of our restaurants, snack stands, and kiosks to find your favorite foods. Whatever you’re craving, you’re bound to find it here!

Hook Food Shack

Large and personal pan pizzas, wings, burgers, Impossible burgers, fries, chicken tenders, hot dogs, fruit cups, a variety of salads, apple sauce.

Board Head Bar – REOPENING 2024

Reopening 2024 – Beer, wine, and grab-n-go snacks.

Surf Rider Snack Shack

An assortment of your favorite waterpark snacks including, sodas, churros, pretzels, and other grab-n-go snacks. Gluten-free items available.

In-Park Food Trucks

Located Near Wacky Water Works  check out a San Jose favorite from Los Tres Hermanos, El Bombero 408.

Duck Dive Bar

Reopening 2024 – Located near Wacky Water Works, grab a cold beer, wine slushie, chips or pretzels.

Seaside Ice Cream Shack

Grab a sweet treat at Sea Side Ice Cream, ice cream, Dolewhip, Dippin’ Dots, ICEE Pops, popsicles, bottled water.

Breakwater Snack Shack

Fountain drinks, bottled water, ICEE, pretzels, churros, Vienna hot dogs/chili dogs, Slush puppies, and apple sauce.